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About The Recon: the ultimate bat speed training device

Bat speed training device

Did you know?

Every 1 mph of additional bat speed equates to 5+ feet of distance on a properly struck ball.

Players can expect to gain a minimum of 5-7 MPH of swing speed with a well designed bat speed program.

What does that mean exactly?

It means bat speed is the single most important variable any player can train and improve that is guaranteed to provide more success in games. An increase of bat speed by even 5 mph will result in 25 feet of additional distance!


Accurate Measurement

No more estimates! Gain confidence in your bat speed measurements.

Evaluate Effectively

Evaluate countless players fast and using our infinity setting.

Record Storage

Knowing your peak bat speed is essential. In set mode, Recon will clearly show you and your coach your records.

Rigid Construction

Recon was built with quality in mind. Every unit includes a .25″ plexi-glass protective screen that is light weight and easy to transport.

Swing count

Variability in your training promotes overall efficiency. Instantly change the number of swings between sets without wasting time.

Use Anywhere

Whether you’re inside or outside, play baseball of softball, Recon’s duel-sided HD screens are easily viewable to anyone.

the recon specs

Bat speed training device

Why Reflective stickers?

During a swing, every inch of the bat is traveling at a different speed, for example the barrel travels faster than the handle. Therefore the tip of the bat is the only variable we can isolate to provide consistent and reliable measurements every swing.

bat speed recon unit


Measure your exact bat speed and train with precision and accuracy. Gain the ability to train and improve your bat speed to improve success at the plate 

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