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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bat Speed Radar

Bat speed is the number one factor that contributes to power. For an optimally launched baseball (26-30 degrees) for every 1 MPH increase in bat speed, equates to an increase of distance of 5-6 feet.

the recon was designed specifically to measure baseball bat. The tip of the bat is the only part of the bat that we can consistently and reliably measure because every part of the bat is traveling at a different speed along it’s length.

There are a number of variables that produce a high bat speed. Many people use an overload underload program. As of today this is the best ways scientists and researchers are able to increase. You have to have an external goal that you’re consciously trying to obtain. You also have to have an accurate measurement system to gauge progress. If there is erratic feedback, you will have outliers that contaminate the data it demoralizes the hitter into feeling like they can’t reach

There are many variables that contribute to exit speed:


  • The hitter’s bat speed

  • The point on the ball where it makes contact with the bat

  • The point on the bat where it makes contact with the ball

  • The speed of the incoming pitch

  • The hardness of the ball

  • The material composition of the bat

  • Humidity

  • Altitude

  • The trajectory of the bat approach

Bat speed is a raw number that is unencumbered by the variables associated with exit velocity.

You can’t use a radar gun to measure bat speed because it’s measuring exit velocity of a batted ball. If you’re taking dry swings then the radar gun won’t be accurate because the bat is traveling in an arc. Radar guns are designed to measure objects moving directly at or away from the gun.

After doing bat speed training for 20 years with many hitters, we’ve consistently produced hitters average bat speeds 5 MPH over a span of 6 weeks. It’s also not uncommon to increase bat speed much more than that.

Any type of training should utilize periodization. We have seen players peak 5 weeks into the training program typically. So it can be very productive to start bat speed training at least 5 weeks prior to the season. Any training effect goes away if you stop doing it. So, we recommend training bat speed year around with different levels of frequency and intensity.

We’ve had success with players as young as seven years old.

When properly participating in bat speed training, the body will self-organize to produce the highest number on the Bat Speed Recon™ display. This can often result in improved mechanics.

There’s an inherent risk of injury with any type of training modality. However, we have yet to have a hitter injured doing bat speed training in our facility.

If the unit is already on the tripod the Bat Speed Recon™ is ready to measure swings immediately.

Generally, bat speed training is done in pairs.

The Bat Speed Recon does need a tripod and it’s not included. You can find the recommended tripod on Amazon.

We’ve included 5 reflective tape stickers with each Recon. If you need replacement reflective tape you can find it here on Amazon

The unit is set up to measure the tip of the bat just prior to impact. You don’t need to hit a ball to get a measurement.

No, the Bat Speed Recon™ should be used with a tee or dry swings only.

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