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Bat Speed Recon Unit


“Lightweight and transportable, Bat Speed Recon is the best bat speed measuring device on the market. Works great for individual or team training both inside and outside.”

This is the features
Setup Instructions – Top View
1. Recon should be placed 18-20” away from tee
2. You want the recon 1-2” behind the tee. We want to measure the tip of the bat directly prior to contact
3. Make sure not to place the second LED emitter in line with the tee (after contact) as speeds are much slower once contact is made with the ball
4. Be aware that if a player hits the tee, it may “walk forward” and inch or two – reset to 1-2” directly before contact

Back View – Swing Plane Adjustments
1. The Tip of the Bat MUST travel through both LED Emitters to get a reading
2. Depending on the hitters height and swing plane the tee may need to be adjusted
3. A steeper swing plane requires the ball on the tee to be higher
4. A flatter swing plane requires the ball on the tee to be lower
5. The dispersion angle of the LED emitters is around 5”
6. Make small adjustments (1-2”) to the tee until you get a consistent readings
7. Each hitter may require a different height of the ball on the tee in relation to the Recon

every swing matters

Bat Speed Matters

Concentrate your training on developing an elite swing.

Assess Every Swing

Accurately and precisely measure peak and average bat speed every time for your individual or team trainings.

Analyze with confidence

Accurate to within 0.1 mph, Bat Speed Recon allows you to visibly see and quantify the progress in your swing.


“Understanding that a player needs to improve their bat speed isn’t enough when it comes to actually improve it. Making improvements in swing speed requires determination, hard work, and technology that provides accurate feedback. This combination will accelerate and improve the effectiveness of their training, giving them the ability to see the progress that is quantifiable in real-time.”
Bat speed training device

Why Bat Speed Recon?

“Bat speed is KING! In order to reach your potential in baseball or softball, you need to be aware of how fast you swing and what your strengths and deficiencies are. Once you understand this information unstoppable progress can be made. When an individual or a team has full confidence in their training that can be demonstrated, success in the game is inevitable and that is what really matters.”

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Frequently asked questions

For Little League about 45-55 mph. For high school 55-75. For college and the pros mid-60s to mid-80s. 

There are a number of variables that produce a high bat speed. Many people use an overload underload program. As of today this is the best ways scientists and researchers are able to increase. You have to have an external goal that you’re consciously trying to obtain. You also have to have an accurate measurement system to gauge progress. If there is erratic feedback, you will have outliers that contaminate the data it demoralizes the hitter into feeling like they can’t reach

You can’t use a radar gun to measure bat speed because it’s measuring exit velocity of a batted ball. If you’re taking dry swings then the radar gun won’t be accurate because the bat is traveling in an arc. Radar guns are designed to measure objects moving directly at or away from the gun.

After doing bat speed training for 20 years with many hitters, we’ve consistently produced hitters average bat speeds 5 MPH over a span of 6 weeks. It’s also not uncommon to increase bat speed much more than that.

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