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Accurate Feedback

Bat Speed Feedback

Feedback is the most important element of bat speed training. What if a hitter never knew what a swing produced? How effective can practice be?

You will not make significant improvements unless you have goals and can accurately measure your progress. Measuring and using results to modify your training is based on feedback. Measuring and using results is necessary to establish goals.

Goals need to cover different time frames:

1) very short – from swing to swing

2) short – workout to workout

3) medium – week to week

4) long – month-to-month

5) annual – year-long

The best combination is when you combine overload and underload with feedback using The Bat Speed Recon device. The main benefit of the Recon is to establish a benchmark reference point as to where your swing speed is and then improve from there. The hitter is always trying to beat his personal best bat speed. This trains the body and also the hitter’s intent.

Accurate bat speed measurement during training is important for actual distance (for every 1 MPH of increased bat speed = 5 ft of additional distance) but not as important from a training standpoint as repeatability. This is where the Bat Speed Recon excels. Unlike knob-based devices, there are no outliers or anomalies. The result of each swing is displayed in an increment of .1 MPH.

Inaccurate feedback leads to athletes becoming discouraged. The Bat Speed recon is the most accurate bat speed device available.

In the beginning, let the player experiment. You should, however, establish the guard rails at some point, especially with young players who are learning.The hitter will find which body actions are necessary for him to comfortably and confidently develop bat speed and power.

Feedback is the accelerator pedal. The trick is to go as fast as you can without crashing through the guard rails. You are helping the hitter to keep within the guard rails as well as providing encouragement. This is what much of the program is about.

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