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Success starts with your training.

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Bat speed is the one metric used by decision-makers, coaches, and trainers at every level of competitive baseball. Why? Because bat speed – or a lack of bat speed – plays a large part in determining if a hitter will be effective at the plate. 

What you need

Accurate Feedback

Having accurate feedback during your training is essential for development. Gain the knowledge for all of your improvements big or small with Bat Speed Recon -instant feedback accurate to 0.1 MPH. 

A Step-by-Step Plan

Use our proven 6-Week Bat Speed Program, coaches and hitters can follow our step-by-step that lays out exactly how many sets and reps they need to complete during each session for maximum results. With over 20 years of trail and error, if you follow this program you will see results. 

Record Awareness

In order to increase bat speed, it is imperative that players swing as hard as they can on every rep. The Bat Speed Recon keeps track of a player’s peak and average bat speed throughout each set and is clearly displayed on each side of the unit so players and coaches can stay focused on their goal. 

our areas of training

If you're seeking more training resources to help you develop bat speed, look no further. The following pages provide various resources for bat speed training.


Knowing that you need to increase bat speed is a start, but awareness alone won't increase bat speed and power. To do that you need grit, determination and technology that will provide you with the instant, accurate feedback necessary to make adjustments and ramp up the effectiveness of your training. That technology is Bat Speed Recon.

bat speed recon unit


Measure your exact bat speed and train with confidence. Gain the ability to accurately measure and improve your swing speed which directly correlates to success at the plate. 

Frequently asked questions

For Little League about 45-55 mph. For high school 55-75. For college and the pros mid-60s to mid-80s. 

the recon was designed specifically to measure baseball bat. The tip of the bat is the only part of the bat that we can consistently and reliably measure because every part of the bat is travelling at a different speed along it’s length.

There are a number of variables that produce a high bat speed. Many people use an overload underload program. As of today this is the best ways scientists and researchers are able to increase. You have to have an external goal that you’re consciously trying to obtain. You also have to have an accurate measurement system to gauge progress. If there is erratic feedback, you will have outliers that contaminate the data it demoralizes the hitter into feeling like they can’t reach

After doing bat speed training for 20 years with many hitters, we’ve consistently produced hitters average bat speeds 5 MPH over a span of 6 weeks. It’s also not uncommon to increase bat speed much more than that.

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