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Bat Speed Training | The importance of instant feedback

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Players trying to increase their bat speed must operate on the edge of their ability level. In order to do that properly, it’s crucial that they’re always shooting to beat their record bat speed.

The bat speed recon displays the players’ peak bat speed within each set giving the hitter instant feedback.

The bat speed recon also has a dual sided display that gives the player and the coach the ability to see their peak bat speed and avg bat speed within each set.

The bat speed recon is specifically designed for overload/underload bat speed training.

Typical results for a six week bat speed program (included with unit) have a average increase of 5-7MPH of avg bat speed.

Every 1 MPH of increased bat speed equates to 5 ft of flight on an optimally launched baseball.

Get your own bat speed recon at www.batspeedrecon.com

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