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BEST BAT SPEED DRILLS – Increase BAT SPEED & EXIT VELOCITY w/ these drills & CRUSH baseballs!

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Increase your bat speed and exit velocity with these bat speed drills. This is the only way to actually train your body to get more of the muscle types you need to improve your bat speed and exit velocity. You will make meaningful and significant bat speed gains (which is the primary driver of exit velocity) with the bat speed drills outlined in the video.

The video also breaks down and outlines exactly what a bat speed training program protocol should look like. Follow this overload / under load program and you will give yourself the best chance at increasing your bat speed and exit velocity!

This is how you can pass up your competition.

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(Also comes with a 6 week bat speed training protocol/program)
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Axe Bat Review Video: https://youtu.be/sJQheBwj0k0

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