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How to set up the Bat Speed Recon for overload/underload bat speed training

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This video is a quick run through of how to set up the Bat Speed Recon training device for your first overload/underload bat speed training session. A couple of the steps will not need to be performed every time (i.e. screwing the tri-pod mounting plate to the Recon or putting the reflective stickers on the tips of the bats). Once you do it the first time those things will stay in place and be ready to go for each session.

You can learn more about the Bat Speed Recon at www.BatSpeedRecon.com

The Bat Speed Recon is the most accurate bat speed measurement device for overload/underload bat speed training. It helps you concentrate your training on the single most important factor for developing an elite swing.

The Bat Speed Recon will give you measured results for elite improvement.
Don’t let erratic feedback contaminate the data or demoralize your training. Let the Recon give you accurate measurements to gauge and actualize your progress.

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