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Quinton Low BAT SPEED TRAINING – Increase bat speed & exit velocity with overload/underload training

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✅- This is a quick view of athletes training with the Bat Speed Recon. They are doing sets of swings with their game bat (0% over or under load). Then doing sets of swings that are designed to be overload & underload training. The underload bat is about a 20% underload (22oz. metal fungo) and the overload bat is about a 20% overload (8oz. donut).


✅- “Weighted (modified lighter and heavier) implement training has been used by former Soviet Union researchers and strength coaches in track and field for decades. The Soviets modified their field event implements, such as the hammer, shot put, javelin, and discus.“

✅- “The Soviet findings suggested the following: 1) the employment of varied resistance training enhances speed strength (power) development, 2) implement resistance variations in training should range from 5-20% lighter and heavier than standard implements.”

✅- “3 baseball training studies have evaluated the effects of weighted bat implements used as a form of specific resistance training.”

✅- “The results of 2 overweighted bat studies indicated an increase in bat swing velocity after a specific training protocol. The overweighted implements were 12% greater than the average standard game bat. In another overweighted bat study, Sergo and Boatwright conducted a 6-week bat training study with collegiate baseball players using either a standard game bat (29-31 oz) or an overloaded bat weighing more than 100% standard game bat weight (62 oz). Both training groups had a significant increase in bat swing velocity by 8.8 and 8.0%”

✅- “The researchers of the 2 studies reported significant increases in bat swing velocity after training with under- and overweighted bats.”

✅- “In summary, data presented indicates that swinging-specific overweighted or underweighted bats with a precise training protocol (swinging 240-600 times a week for 6-12 weeks) produced increases in bat swing velocity in either a dry swing or batting practice setting.”

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